Contrast is the leit-motif of my pictures, both in visual and intellectual sense.”

Me — born May 1983

Since early childhood I was playing around with creative processes.

When I got my first camera on my 18th birthday it took only couple of weeks before I fell in love with photography. Soon I switched from modern auto-focus cameras to old manual cameras and lenses, and started developing black&white films in my own darkroom. In my photography I became looking for contrasts.

Leica M2, Leicaflex SL2, Nikon FM2n, Nikkormat FTn, Minolta X500

The relatively small format, 35 mm, has always been my preferred medium for analog photography. It offers great compromise of convenience and imaging qualities, especially when used in my beloved rangefinder Leica M2 or any of the many vintage Nikons.

I use mostly iconic black&white Kodak Tri-X and Ilford HP5+ films, developed in original Agfa Rodinal or Ilford Microphen. I often push the film to 1600 EI, since I love available light and stay away from using flash. When I fancy color my favorite film is Kodak Ektar.

I print myself. I use Berlin-made Dunco enlarger with Durst Neonon lens to shine light to Foma, Agfa or Ilford speed-papers.


When I need or want color, or when I am too lazy to use the darkroom, I switch to digital. I do color on film rarely because of complicated path of pictures from the film to paper.